Redress Kits

At Industrial Bearings & Services, we’re not just about supplying our customers with the parts they need. Our more than 200 years of combined years of experience is what enables us to provide the most important necessities for our customers who span the Houston and Southeast Texas area.

We are all about giving our friends and customers the tools and kits to maintain those parts as well. Maintenance and upkeep are just as important as initial installation. What we’re doing to remedy that is providing Redress Kits.

Redress Kits are essentially that: parts that are used to redress a tool, mechanism or apparatus post-use. And they’re important because upkeep is a vital necessity for the continuance of proper mechanical function. All components of a mechanism should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected prior to being redressed. And you should pressure test after redressing.

 A few of our Redress Kits are as follows:

  • Seal Kits
  • Bearing Kits
  • Hose Kits
  • Kits for OEM Equipment
  • Kits for Down-hole Tools

 Custom kits

Seal kits, bearing kits, hose kits, kits for OEM equipment and Down-hole tools are only a scant few of the products we offer. But the beauty of this is that with the redress kits you’ll find in our stock, you’re also finding a flexible kit that can get the job done.

The kits will range in their composition. And this will depend predominantly on the type of kit you’re looking to buy.

For example, the OEM kit may contain control electronics, detector and source housing (electronics), the interferometer module, and the harnessing which is required in order to integrate the necessary components into OEM-based goods.


Whereas another kit, perhaps the kits for Down-Hole tools, may contain tools such as powerful electronics which offer a quicker processing and communication with added storage potential, accurate directional sensors expertly crafted to give you extraordinary down-hole quality. These kits also typically include tightly packed pulsars with integrated intelligence and cutting-edge features.

The differences between kits will vary based on your needs and the requirements of your apparatus or mechanism. And in the even that you are unsure about which kit is most ideal for you, you can contact us.

Get in Touch with Us

Our team is always ready and willing to answer any questions you may have about your redress kit. With all the experience we have, we can go more in-depth about the inclusions of each kit, its benefits, and how it differs from any other. Contact an Industrial Bearings & Services team member today by emailing or giving us a call.