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At Industrial Bearings & Services, we are here to meet your needs. This means, providing you with products, services, knowledge and even quotes about the things we offer.

We invite companies and suppliers to contact us with their quotation requests. We’ll do our absolute best to supply you with the specifications of your request. We understand the need for comparable pricing and provisions. IB&S can

It’s a relatively quick process, to submit a quotation request. And you can do so at no charge to you. The information you need can be right at your fingertips in absolutely no time at all.

Please provide detailed information about your needs or call us at (713) 329-9800. We will get back to you as quickly as possible. Over the phone quotations are often the simplest solution for many of our customers.

When you require a quick solution for on-the-spot or on-the-go questions, you can easily obtain them by giving us a call and speaking with one of the IBS team members.

Each of us would be thrilled to help you and can provide you with the quote you need.

Our collection 200+ years of experience means that our team is not only qualified to assist you, but we’re also incredibly happy to do so.

The form below your first and last name, company name, email, phone number and a brief summary of the quotation you’d like to request.

Requesting a quote, you may find, is a big help once you’ve decided which products you need and how many of them are necessary to keep your apparatus and mechanisms running.

Always give consideration to your questions about stock and quantity when requesting your quote, as these things may factor into your quote or the speed with which we’re able to deliver the information to you.

At Industrial Bearings & Services, our one hope is to see that you are well taken care of. Which is why our hours run the gamut, and we even have Emergency Services available to you. Take a look at our hours of operation and, when ready, request a free quote from us:

Monday – Friday: 8AM–5PM CST

Saturdays and Sundays: Emergency Services only.

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